Dead Reckonings No. 01




  • A Review of Horror Literature
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi and Jack Madison Haringa
  • No. 1 (Spring 2007)
  • 100 pp, 26,500 Words


Table of contents

  • Sarah Langan, The Keeper (Morrow); Stephen Graham Jones, Demon Theory (Macadam Gage) [1500 words] [Jack Haringa]
  • Gary A. Braunbeck, Destinations Unknown (Cemetery Dance); Jack Ketchum, Weed Species (Cemetery Dance) [1500 words]
  • Ramsey Campbell, Secret Stories (PS Publishing/Tor); Stephen Mark Rainey, ed., Evermore (Arkham House) [1500 words] [S. T. Joshi]
  • Glen Hirshberg, American Morons (Earthling); David J. Schow, Havoc Swims Jaded (Subterranean) [1500 words] [Paula Guran]
  • Norm Partridge, Dark Harvest (Cemetery Dance); F. Paul Wilson, Harbingers (Tor) [1500 words] [Hank Wagner]
  • Terry Lamsley, Made Ready & Cupboard Love (Subterranean); Conrad Williams, The Unblemished (Earthling) [1500 words] [Matt Cardin]
  • Tim Powers, Three Days to Never (Morrow); John Shirley, The Other End (Cemetery Dance) [1500 words][John Langan]
  • Ray Bradbury, Farwell, Summer (Morrow) [1000 words] Jim Rockhill
  • Brian Hodge, World of Hurt (Earthling) [1000 words]
  • Amber Benson and Christopher Golden, The Seven Whistlers (Subterranean), Witchery (Random House) [1500 words]
  • Peter Straub, Sides (Cemetery Dance) [1500 words]
  • Alexandra Sokoloff, The Harrowing (St. Martin’s) [1000 words]
  • Stephen King, Lisey’s Story (Simon & Schuster); Joe Schreiber, Chasing the Dead (Random House) [2000 words][Ben Indick]
  • John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things (Simon & Schuster); Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things (Morrow/HarperCollins) [1500 words]
  • T. E. D. Klein, Reassuring Tales (Subterranean) [1000 words][Steven J. Mariconda]
  • H. P. Lovecraft, Collected Essays, 5 vols. (Hippocampus) [2000 words] [Donald R. Burleson]
  • S. T. Joshi, ed., Icons of Horror and the Supernatural (Greenwood) [2000 words] [Robert Morrish]
  • Column by Stefan Dziemianowicz [1500 words]

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