Spectral Realms No. 10









  • A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • Cover art: “Chiron’s Burden - Pleiades Children” © 2019 by Kim Bo Yung
  • Cover design by Daniel V. Sauer
  • No. 10 (Winter 2019)
  • 152 pages
  • ISBN 9781614982364
  • ISSN 2333-4215



The tenth issue of Spectral Realms demonstrates that this journal of weird poetry is going strong as it completes its fifth year of publication. Once again, this issue features the work of many of the leading voices in contemporary weird verse: Wade German, Adam Bolivar, Christina Sng, Frank Coffman, Ann K. Schwader, Chad Hensley, Thomas Tyrrell, and Ian Futter. Manuel Arenas, Liam Garriock, David Barker, and others provide vivid prose-poems. Jeff Hall’s “In the Garden of Thasaidon” is a tribute to Clark Ashton Smith, while Manuel Pérez-Campos’s “The Mirror of Arkham Woe” draws inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour out of Space.”


The classic reprints feature a pair of scintillating haunted-house poems by the acclaimed American poets Lizette Woodworth Reese and Edwin Arlington Robinson. Marcos Legaria supplies the second part of his study of Clark Ashton Smith’s influence on Robert Nelson, quoting the entirety of Nelson’s vivid poem “Dream-Stair” (Weird Tales, April 1935).


Among the reviews, Leigh Blackmore studies the October 2018 issue of Eye to the Telescope, the online journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and Donald Sidney-Fryer contributes a review-article on the brilliant work of G. Sutton Breiding.


As a special bonus, a complete index of authors and titles to all ten issues of Spectral Realms is provided.


                        TABLE OF CONTENTS


The Name on the Grave / Thomas Tyrrell

Eurynomos / Wade German

Winter / Charles D. O’Connor III

Conjuring in Cupid’s Garden / Claire Smith

The Haunting Bones / Adam Bolivar

The Island / Christina Sng

The Promise of Eternity / Kurt Newton

Salem Liberation / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Herpetology / F. J. Bergmann

The Witches’ Rite at Beltane / Frank Coffman

The Old Ones: A Ghazal / Joshua Gage

Last Ascent / Ann K. Schwader

Morbidezza / Manuel Arenas

Life Decayed / Ashley Dioses

Lord of Pumpkins / Scott J. Couturier

Nighttime Visitor Where Cats Prowl / Randall D. Larson

Unnatural Man / Mary Krawczak Wilson

One Who Walks Alone / Carl E. Reed

When the Nightwind Howls / Leigh Blackmore

Going Forth by Night / Margi Curtis

After the Cryptozoic / Kendall Evans

The Assignment / Liam Garriock

A Ride in Hilo / Chad Hensley

Supernumerary / Mike Allen and S. Brackett Robertson

Bathysphere / Oliver Smith

The Forsaken Idol / David Barker

In the Garden of Thasaidon / Jeff Hall

The Dark King / Allan Rozinski

The Offspring / Barbara Barrett

The Mirror of Arkham Woe / Manuel Pérez-Campos

The Driver of the Dragon’s Coach / Wade German

Mad Jack-a-Lee / Adam Bolivar

The Dutchman / Frank Coffman

The Light at the End of the Tunnel / Christina Sng

Gargoyle / Manuel Arenas

To a Black Hole / Charles Lovecraft

All Will Taste Death / Ross Balcom

The Birth of Brahma / Rich Catalano

The Frightful Ballad of the Third Lord Boyce / Thomas Tyrrell

Maculation / F. J. Bergmann

Bone Riders / Kurt Newton

From Spectral Realms / Leigh Blackmore

Inescapable Horror / Liam Garriock

Forbidden Fruit / Scott J. Couturier

Factotum of the Underworld / David Barker

The Witches’ Bower / Leigh Blackmore

Warnings to the Curious / Frank Coffman

Winter / Ian Futter

Chronoscape Advisory / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Lazarus Laments / Allan Rozinski


Classic Reprints 

The Deserted House / Lizette Woodworth Reese

The Dark House / Edwin Arlington Robinson



Clark Ashton Smith and Robert Nelson: Master and Apprentice (Part 2) / Marcos Legaria



Witches, Traditional and Otherwise / Leigh Blackmore

A Poetic Original / Donald Sidney-Fryer


Notes on Contributors

Index to Spectral Realms 110



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