Spectral Realms No. 12









  •  A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • Cover art by Albert Joseph Pénot, “La Femme Chauve-Souris” (c. 1890). Cover design by Daniel V. Sauer.
  • No. 12 (Winter 2020)
  • 120 pages
  • ISBN 9781614982890
  • ISSN 2333-4215 



This twelfth issue of Hippocampus Press’s award-winning journal of weird poetry begins with David Barker’s affecting acrostic sonnet in memory of the late W. H. Pugmire. Contributions by other leading contemporary poets—Leigh Blackmore, Frank Coffman, Adam Bolivar, Benjamin Blake, Christina Sng, and many others—are scattered throughout the issue. We also find vivid and evocative prose poems by Maxwell I. Gold, Manuel Arenas, and Wade German.


Thomas Tyrrell writes a poem in tribute of renowned fantaisiste Lord Dunsany; Don Webb evokes the shade of Edgar Allan Poe; Carl E Reed draws upon the work of Arthur Machen; and Manuel Pérez-Campos pays homage to the comic book Creepy. Nicole Cushing contributes a poem that fuses grimness and beauty, while Scott J. Couturier teases out the horrific potential of Greek myth.


Two classic reprints—by Ernest Dowson and Arthur Symons—hint at the bountiful stores of weirdness in poetry of the turn of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. S. T. Joshi offers his assessment of Wade German’s recent poetry collection, while Donald Sidney-Fryer waxes eloquent about D. L .Myers’s long-awaited omnibus.






Acrostic Sonnet for Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire / David Barker

Gray / M. F. Webb

Pilgrim in the Mist / Wade German

Proem to the Fortress Unvanquishable / Thomas Tyrrell

Ode to the Great God Pan / Carl E. Reed

Ghebulax / Maxwell I. Gold

The Crimson Knight / Scott J. Couturier

Haematophagy / Ashley Dioses

Not All of Them Are Ghosts / Darrell Schweitzer

Poe, on the Morning After / Don Webb

Homage to Creepy / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Xipe Totec / Deborah L. Davitt

Necronomicon / Josh Maybrook

Wretched Raft / Kieran Dacey Boylan

Satanic Sonata / Manuel Arenas

Time’s Vulture / Leigh Blackmore

Urban Renewal / Mike Allen

Graveside Ghost / Mary Krawczak Wilson

No One Is Safe / Benjamin Blake

Minoan Messages / Frank Coffman

Madhouse Getaway / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Planet Fetish / Chad Hensley

Jack in Xanadu / Adam Bolivar

Genesis / Holly Day

I Want to Taste October / Ross Balcom

A Tasty Treat / Adele Gardner

Beyond the Fields / Andrew J. Wilson

The Tears of Cerberus / Wade German

A Witch in the House / Oliver Smith

The Psychopomp / Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer

The Plague Queen’s Song / Nicole Cushing

I’ll Return in Late October / K. A. Opperman

The Philosophy & Aesthetics of Horror / Carl E. Reed

Black Wings Return / Michael D. Miller

Slow the Night Grows Darker / David Sammons

The Wild Hunt / Chelsea Arrington

Lines Written in a Providence Churchyard / David Barker

The God of the Winds / Christina Sng

Singularity / Curtis M. Lawson

Dream Hackers / Maxwell I. Gold

The Bedlam Philharmonic / Steven Withrow

The House (A Conduit) / Mack W. Mani

The Pack / Scott J. Couturier

Kiss of Life / Manuel Arenas

The Last Golem / Allan Rozinski

A Summoning of Demons / Michelle Jeffrey

Astral Parasites / Manuel Pérez-Campos

The Silent Silver Sea / Leigh Blackmore

Homer Before the Trojan Court / Darrell Schweitzer

The Witch’s Cat / Deborah L. Davitt

In Arcadia / Josh Maybrook

My Loveliest Manticore; or, The Queen of the Lamiae / Wade German

The Conjuring / Frank Coffman

Wildfires / Christina Sng

Now and Forever / Kieran Dacey Boylan

Stela of Selos / Scott J. Couturier

Southern Gothic; or, Hillbilly Horror / Carl E. Reed

The Egyptian Splendor / Ross Balcom

Carrion Dreams / Maxwell I. Gold


Classic Reprints  

In a Breton Cemetery / Ernest Dowson

The Vampire / Arthur Symons



A Golgotha of Horror / S. T. Joshi

Dark Oracles Indeed / Donald Sidney-Fryer


Notes on Contributors



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